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Habits in Marriage

Marriage is Tough.

Moments in our Marriage:
When being spiritual doesn’t help.
We were in the car driving to a speaking gig.
Me: OH NO!
John: What’s wrong?
Me: I forgot to put on foundation!
John: Isn’t Jesus your foundation?
Me; Seriously?

After 20 years together, John and I still stare at each other wondering how in the world we married someone so different. We speak completely different languages when it comes to any kind of math or basic directions. We go to get-togethers with completely different agendas: I want to talk and visit and laugh. John wants to find another introvert he can sit with in the corner and not say much.

“Viva la difference,” as dad used to say.

During our first 7 years together, we develop marriage habits that created isolation and not intimacy and division, not teamwork. After an almost divorce, ridiculous pain and incredible joy, God has given John and I a “curriculum” that teaches how to build and maintain a great marriage.

We call it “10 Holy Habits to Keep Your Marriage Strong.”

We would LOVE to share this with your church or group. If you would like to come to our next one on January 23rd at our home church, we would love to have you. We will be charging for these seminars in the future, but this one is totally free. (The info is on the card above.)
Would you do me three favors?

1. Consider coming on January 23rd with your spouse and investing in your marriage.
2. Pray about having us come to your church? If you want more information on this, just hit reply to this email and I would love to chat with you.
3. Pray that God would restore, redeem and rescue marriages across our nation, especially the ones that declare themselves followers of Jesus. Marriage is getting such a hit in our country, so we feel couples who love Jesus can use their relationships to show the world that Christ is the answer!
Thank you friends!!!

If you want to sign up for our seminar on the 23rd, please let me or John know so we have materials for you.
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